Advantages of Taking a Volkswagen to a Dealership for Service

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Car Dealer

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More customers are heading to VW in Pittsburgh for service appointments. And why not? For starters, plenty of mechanics owning their shops do not have the experience needed to work on Volkswagens. Aside from manufacturer expertise, there are other reasons to consider taking that VW to a dealership.

Manufacturer Resources

By default, dealerships are up-to-date on the technical specs of the cars they sell. They know how to service and repair them. Most importantly, they have the right diagnostic equipment and tools on hand. Besides that, dealerships know what parts to order and get them straight from the manufacturer.

Warranty Coverage

Vehicles still under warranty usually must be serviced at predetermined intervals to keep the warranty intact. The dealership knows the services needed and will contact the customer when it is time to bring in the car. And, because the VW Pittsburgh dealership knows that ongoing training is necessary for technicians working on cars, customers can be confident that the people doing the work know what they are doing.

Customer Service and the Opportunity to Save Money

Dealerships thrive on repeat business. Keeping the motorist safe is paramount. Therefore, they typically offer safety-enhancing services free of charge. Examples include seasonal inspections, brake inspections, battery tests, and tire inspections. Another advantage is that the tires dealerships sell come with price match guarantees. While dealerships designate the terms of these specials, they can save the customer plenty of money.

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