All You Need to Know About Asanti Rims

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Automobile

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If you are looking to install some beautiful customized rims on your car, you can’t go wrong with Asanti. With more than ten years of experience within the luxury wheel market, the company has established itself as one of the pioneers in the industry. Asanti generally produces high quality rims and tires for luxury cars. Audio City USA deals in a wide variety of Asanti branded tires and rims.

The forged wheels made by Asanti are famous for their durability as well as the unique design. They can easily set your car apart from countless others. However, if you are looking for Asanti rims, you should know that they can be quite expensive. As mentioned, Asanti primarily works with luxury car manufacturers. Hence, you will end up shelling out a decent amount of money for Asanti rims.

However, you can also buy replica Asanti rims. At Audio City USA, we can help you get the very best Asanti wheels and rims at a very affordable price. However, before you buy Asanti wheels from third party manufacturers, there are a few things to know about the company’s wheels:

Asanti Rims Come in Unique Designs

The company is renowned for some of the most outrageous designs that you can find in the market. All of the rims are designed for just one purpose: to show off your vehicle and its wheels as best as possible. But, that does not mean that Asanti compromises on quality.

With over ten years of experience within the automobile industry, Asanti has been consistently producing top quality wheels and rims. Despite being intelligently designed and featuring unique, artistic designs, these rims are quite durable and well built. Asanti generally uses a three piece construction setup and forged aluminum in its wheels. There are several wheel collections on offer. Most of them generally start at 18 inches, and go as high as 28 inches.

Where Do You Buy From?

At Audio City USA, we provide you with a one stop solution to buying rims and wheels for your car. Not only do we deal in Asanti, but we also provide a wide range of different brands. You can purchase Lexani tires, Infiniti tires and many others. If you want Asanti wheels, you can choose from a wide range of models in our inventory.

At Audio City USA, our job is to make sure that our clients remain satisfied. We offer direct shipping upon every purchase. We also accept payments through several mediums of payment. You can pay via VISA, Master Card, American Express, Money Gram and PayPal too. This makes it easier for customers to buy the wheel set they need.

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