Functional and Cosmetic Collision Repair by St. Louis, MO, Auto Body Technicians

After a vehicle collision occurs, the resulting damage may be functional, cosmetic or both. Some problems do not compromise the ability to safely drive the automobile, but others require repair work before that can be done. Service for collision repair in St. Louis, MO, is provided by skilled auto body technicians.

Door Damage

An example of a purely cosmetic issue would be a dented door that still opens and closes with no trouble. Door damage can be functional as well, however. Sometimes a door cannot be opened after another vehicle has struck it. If someone does manage to get it open, the door may not latch properly for closing. These problems are often seen after so-called T-bone collisions.

Crumpled Front Ends

An accident that causes a crumpled front end might also result in a broken radiator that leaks steam and spills fluid. In other instances, the radiator is unscathed, and the person can continue driving the car indefinitely as long as the hood latch is functional. Otherwise, the hood must be wired or tied down, which is not a safe long-term strategy. Technicians providing service for collision repair in St. Louis, MO, fix the auto body damage in these cases.

Rear-End Collisions

Front-end and rear-end damage are common problems seen by auto body technicians because rear-end collisions are so frequent. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that these incidents account for 29% of all vehicle collisions. Repair work is provided by J & R Collision Centers, which offers contact information at

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