Reasons to Go to an Auto Repair Shop, Choose the Best in Cicero

Owning a vehicle means that auto repair is likely, especially if your vehicle is older. Cicero residents shouldn’t worry too much about getting their car fixed if they have a shop they trust. While dealerships claim that you must use them, you can go to any shop in the area for both maintenance and repairs. Independent shops can fulfill all your needs and may offer more benefits than a dealership.

Affordable Pricing

Dealerships are well-known for charging full prices and having high markups. Therefore, that part you purchase and have installed can cost double, and the labor can be pricey, as well. When you visit an independent auto repair shop, they get parts at cost or sometimes lower, which means they pass those savings onto you.


Cicero residents don’t have time to drive to wherever they purchased the car. Plus, if you bought it second-hand from a private seller, you may not know where to go. Independent shops are located nearby, ensuring that you can stop in on your way home from work or while out running errands.


Whether they work at a dealership or independent shop, technicians have the expertise necessary to handle the work. Independent shops may hire technicians who can work on any vehicle, which means they’re more experienced and can do the work well.

Personal Touch

It may not seem important right now, but having someone know your name and use it when you walk in can make a big difference. Plus, they get to know your vehicle almost as well as you, which means you feel more comfortable with them handling the work.

Auto repair is essential to have your vehicle running smoothly. Visit TRANS-O-MEX in Cicero at to learn about their services.

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