3 Car Buying Questions From a Subaru Dealership in Albuquerque, NM

When shopping around for a used car, you might not know what to ask. Thankfully, you only really have to know three things before buying a used vehicle. Whether you’re purchasing a car from a seller you met online or a Subaru dealership in Albuquerque, NM, ask these questions to know if you’re getting the best deal possible.

Is the car worth its asking price?

You may be surprised to learn that the prices of used cars of the same model may vary across different dealers. This is because a single car’s history will heavily influence its second-hand cost. The car’s condition also affects its price. Dents, scratches, and other minor signs of damage can lower a car’s immediate value.

To know for certain that you’re getting your money’s worth, ask about its history, like information on its previous owner or if the car has been involved in an accident or not. For example, if the car’s previous owner was from Albuquerque, NM then you can expect that the car might have experienced going off-road often, which could affect its longevity.

Supply and demand is also a factor. A car could be priced higher than usual because more people are looking to purchase that specific model. Consider doing market research by reading through online forums or asking fellow car enthusiasts to gauge your target car’s rarity, availability, and demand.

Is the car in usable condition?

The quality of a used car will also depend on how its previous owner maintained it. Ask more questions about the car’s specific parts to see if they are still in good form. Examples of things you can ask are recent oil changes, history of leaking reservoirs (if any), and the current condition of the air-conditioning unit or radio. If the car has been refurbished, find out exactly what the refurbishments are. Knowing which parts are original and replaced help determine the car’s longevity.

Finally, ask if you can take the car for a test drive. This should be arranged beforehand with the seller, as most dealers would require you to provide certain documents before allowing one.

Will you be given a warranty?

Your car will break down at some point; that’s just how cars work. It’s important to know if you’ll be given a warranty to save yourself time, headspace, and money when the car inevitably breaks down. Your dealer may or may not offer a warranty service right away. However, you can ask if you can pay a premium to avail one.

If your dealer doesn’t offer a warranty at all, you can check if your car is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and usually applies for the first few years after the car has been purchased or until a certain mileage has been reached.

You now know what to ask before buying a used car, but now you need to know a great place to buy one. Check out Fiesta Subaru car dealer in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area when you’re looking to purchase your next motor vehicle!

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