A Simple Guide to Buying HQ Wheels for Your Vehicle

The two most valuable assets a person will have in their lifetime will likely be a house and a vehicle. An automobile provides an individual with the freedom to do what they want, when they want. If you can’t afford a brand new car, you may think about getting HQ wheels fitted. High quality alloy, standard or spoke wheels will give the vehicle a personalised look, and could even improve its performance. Before you measure the offset, torque, bolt pattern and hub centre bore, take the following steps to ensure you invest in the right rims for your ride.

The Types

What most people don’t know when they go shopping for HQ wheels is that there are multifarious types on offer. The unique look you achieve depends on the wheel type you select, such as:

1. Alloy – Performance is enhanced with alloy wheels, because they are lightweight and usually crafted with durable aluminium.
2. Steel – These wheels are heavy, but are long-lasting and considered as the most affordable option.
3. Chrome – If you want to improve appearance rather than performance choose chrome, because it tends to scratch easily.
4. Colours – You can coordinate the colour of wheels with the colour of your vehicle’s paintwork by getting wheels crafted from various coloured materials.
5. Spinners – Even when the wheels don’t move, spinners carry on moving.

Manufactured or Aftermarket?

It is possible to shop for alloy wheels that can be fitted on pretty much any vehicle, but some brands can only be fitted with manufacturer HQ wheels. Made to fit perfectly, manufacturer rims are the best choice if replacing wheels is your main concern. Should you want to customise the vehicle’s look and performance while advancing its fuel efficiency, spend money on aftermarket wheels, which fit most automobiles.

New or Used?

The final thing to think about before spending money on rims from a trusted supplier is whether or not you want to buy new or used. Used will always be cheaper, but new will look the best quality. Consider price and always inspect the condition when purchasing pre-owned. Other considerations you don’t want to ignore are the size, compatibility and ride quality. Handling may improve if you buy larger rims, so bear this in mind.

All of the hottest brands on the market are available through Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supermart. To find out what HQ wheels are available or to inquire about packages, call the team on 03 9720 4933.

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