Answers to Questions You Never Thought to Ask About Your Registration Tags

If you are like most Californians, you probably don’t give license plates much thought, unless you happen to see a particularly clever “vanity plate” or are trying to jot down an irresponsible driver’s plate number. Because you think about it so little, you probably don’t know the long history behind your California license plates, sometimes called California car registration tags.

Car registration tags are not only standard in America, but across the globe from Botswana to Ukraine, from Afghanistan to Macau. Even equipment and exploratory vehicles in Antarctica are given license plates! The first license plates were issued in France in 1893, before cars were even invented! In the US, New York was the first state to require cars to have license plates, passing this jurisdiction in 1901. The first license plates were made of ceramic, but because they were so fragile, few of them have survived.

Today in California, license plates are often called California car registration tags because of the small tag at the corner of the plate. This shows the month and year that the tag expires and, because it can be peeled off and replaced, saves the cost of a new license plate each year. The numbers on these tags are serialized to prevent tag fraud. California car registration tags, like most across the globe, are required to be attached to the front and back of a vehicle, although there are some exceptions. For example, motorcycles only need one tag at the rear of the bike.

Standard California license plates are a plain white background with the name of the state written in red script at the top. It uses a regular format of seven numbers and letters in the order 1ABC234, which are embossed on the metal. As in the rest of the US, California car registration tags are 6 inches by 12 inches, and are designed to be read in the dark and in conditions of poor visibility.

If you have just moved to California, you will be required to register your car in the state and get your California car registration tags. There are some exceptions to this; for example, if you are an active member of the military stationed in California or a student attending school in the state, you will not need to register your car here. For those who do, however, California makes the process easy, effective, and economical. Because the state practices “re-plating” this will be your permanent license plate, and you will only need to make sure the sticker on the corner of the plate is up to date. But don’t delay in registering; those who do are subject to ticketing and steep fines.

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