Auto dealers- More than just sellers

Henry Ford conceptualized the idea of profitable car manufacturing. Since then, there has been no looking back for the motor industry. To get their now ready product to customers, major companies enlist the help of auto dealers. These are the certified sellers of various brands of vehicles, licensed to broker deals between manufacturers and customers.

Aside from selling automobiles, these dealers also specialize in providing after sales services and repairs whenever required. Also, in case a total replacement is warranted, these are the people who would approach the company and back the customer’s complaint with their own reports of a preliminary check. The automobile dealers are governed by laws of trade as valid in their country of location and import and export duties are levied as applicable.

Several auto dealers have moved with the times and gone online as well. People tend to prefer doing their research over the Internet before making an investment in any kind of a car. This enables them to compare prices and specifications across a wide range of models and brands. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because everyone wants the best value for their money and a thorough research is what gives them the opportunity to ensure that.

These dealerships mostly come under a private domain while some countries do have government controlled auto dealerships which are directly under influence of government agencies with regards to price, profit margin, export/ import restrictions and the like. Although even private dealers have to respect a pre decided cap on all of these parameters, they’re free to go about it their own way as compared to government dealers.

Auto dealers in all totality, serve as representatives of the manufacturer and educate customers about various features of the cars and competence of the car model they’re interested to purchase.

Auto dealers

Auto dealers

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