Audi Service in Chicago Keeps Good Vehicles Running Longer

If someone is going to invest the money in a high quality, luxury vehicle, they are going to want to take steps to ensure that it is well-maintained so it stays in good running order for as long as possible. For those who want luxury automobiles that are durable and will go that extra mile (no pun intended), a popular brand to consider is Audi. This brand offers SUV’s, luxury sedans, sports cars, and even station wagons for families, and it is recommended that for the best working vehicles, to have them serviced by technicians who are experienced in working with all types of Audi vehicles.

When one relies on good Audi service in Chicago, they can keep their vehicles running well for much longer. Good maintenance is important when owning any type of vehicle, and there are some things that are very important to stay on top of in order to keep an Audi in great shape, including:

Oil Changes -; These should be done every 5,000 miles. Only synthetic oil should be used. Customers should always save their oil change receipts, as Audi only honors warranties if there is proof of all of the necessary oil changes, and the type of oil that has been used.

Tire Rotation -; It is recommended that this be done every 10,000 miles. When having the tires rotated, make sure the technicians check the alignment and fix it if necessary.

Spark Plug Replacement -; This should be done after the first 35,000 miles, or three years, whichever happens to come first. After that, it should be done every 40,000 miles or four years.

Brake Fluid -; Always be sure to check the brake and power steering fluid every 10,000 miles. Also check the air filter, and change it annually.

Tune-ups -; There is an annual time line for tune-ups, and it is different for each Audi model. Anyone who is unsure of when to have a tune-up should take the VIN number to their local dealer and ask them to look up the necessary information.

No matter what Audi model is owned, good Audi service in Chicago will keep it in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

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