Taking Care of your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

ou may not think your vehicle needs air conditioning Fargo ND, but the summers can be harsh and hot and it could be a lifesaver. Air conditioning is fitted as standard on most new vehicles but once you own the car the servicing is your responsibility. Every so often your air conditioning should be checked and serviced to make sure there are no faults or problems.

A vehicle in Fargo can reach a temperature of up to one hundred and twenty, to one hundred and thirty degrees in summer, with the windows closed and it can make it virtually impossible to breath. As well as that it can quickly make the driver hot, tired and dehydrated. Having air conditioning will cool the vehicle to an acceptable level but if it is not working correctly and you need to open the windows it’s no fun.

Air conditioning provides your vehicle with automatic climate control at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust the ambient temperature inside the vehicle in the same way your heater works to heat the car. Although some people prefer not to use their air conditioning because it affects the fuel usage, others also find that this can be offset by driving with the windows up and the A/C on, reducing the amount of fuel used.

What To Look For

A good air conditioning check should consist of an entire diagnostic test of the system, looking for leaks and broken or close to worn hoses. It should also check all the seals and any electrical components and parts. The mechanic will also recharge an air conditioning system, where appropriate and top up any fluids needed. The mechanic should give the air conditioning a complete check and fix any potential issues that could arise during the summer.

The best time to get your vehicle’s air conditioning checked is during the spring months, such as March or April. The reason for this is that your car has been using its heater for most of the frigid North Dakota winter and the air conditioning has been out of action and dormant. This is the perfect time when hoses can crack because of the cold weather and fluid can leak out and render the air conditioning useless. During the winter you may not even notice your vehicle has a problem with the air conditioning because of the rain and snow on the ground.

If you are heading off on a long road trip you would be well advised to have you vehicle fully serviced by Certified Auto Repair, including an oil change, air filter change and any other additional parts or servicing, to make sure it gets you where you need to go. There are many long and quiet stretches of road in North Dakota and it would be a long wait for road assistance to find you.

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