Benefits of Buying From Used Car Dealers in Cicero

Other than their home, a person’s car may be one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime. While it’s possible to find a great price on a new vehicle, the costs, fees, and depreciation can take several thousand dollars off of such a vehicle’s value. On the other hand, a used car can help an owner keep cash in their pocket without giving up quality. Below are several benefits of buying a vehicle from used car dealers in Cicero.

Less Depreciation and a Lower Price

Most people know that new vehicles lose thousands in value the second they’re driven out of the dealership, and that’s why a used car is such a great bargain. While the original buyer takes the depreciation hit, the second buyer can save substantially by choosing a car that’s a few years old.

Lower Taxes

Most states’ laws impose sales taxes on new cars, and some have a smaller amount of sales tax on used cars as well. The sales tax a dealer has to add to a new car can run into the thousands of dollars, but buying used can help a driver save significantly.

Lower Registration Fees

In most areas, annual registration fees are based on the car’s model year and its value. If the buyer’s area has similar rules, they can save substantially by avoiding new-car registration fees and choosing a car that’s at least five years old.

Desirable Features are Cheaper

When a person buys a used car, they may not get every feature they want, but they won’t pay extra for things they did not ask for. However, when a buyer looks for specific features from used car dealers in Cicero, they’ll pay less than the previous owner did.


Today’s cars are built to last for 100,000 miles or more, so buyers don’t have to give up reliability or condition to get a great deal on a used vehicle. It’s possible to find pre-owned cars that are in excellent physical and mechanical condition if the buyer knows where to look.

In Conclusion

While new cars look and smell great, those factors don’t do much for their value. By evaluating factors other than the sale price, a customer can get a better idea of how much it really costs to be a new-car owner. The research phase may take longer, but it can have long-term benefits for the buyer.

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