Eliminate Transmission Concerns Using Expert Manual Transmission Repair in Jenison MI

by | Oct 3, 2015 | Autos Repair

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There is a variety of systems that make an automobile function, but the transmission is one of the most important of these. Without this mechanical device, the vehicle couldn’t move forward or backward, and the engine would top out after only a few miles of driving. The transmission avoids this latter concern by shifting to a higher gear ratio and removing a portion of the strain from the engine. There are a number of mechanical steps to perform this operation. The first is to release the connection between the two devices. With a manual transmission, this is handled by the clutch and pressure plate. In fact, the clutch is often the most commonly requested Manual Transmission Repair in Jenison MI.

The clutch plate rests between the engine flywheel and the tension fingers on the pressure plate. Spines on the inside of the clutch will turn the transmission shaft as long as the plate is held tightly between the flywheel and matching plate on the inside of the pressure plate. To assist this gear change is a bearing in the clutch system called a throwout bearing. This simple device is used to allow the clutch plate to keep spinning as the pressure on it changes. It is typically necessary to change all three components when the transmission fails.

Another reason to consider Manual Transmission Repair in Jenison MI is a shifting problem. The two basic types of standard shift transmissions are the floor shift or the column shift. The latter isn’t used much any longer, but it explains the problem a little better. The lever inside the vehicle uses a series of grommets and extensions to reach the actual shifting levers on the transmission. Through extended usage, these items can degrade and cause the shift control to fail or hang. An expert can usually have this problem repaired quite quickly. However, floor shift models may be a bit more troublesome. This is because much of the shifting mechanism is inside the transmission and may be quite difficult to get to. The only other things to understand about standard shift transmissions are the gear ratios. These are the equations that govern how well the standard transmission can pull a load. Contact Business Name for more information.

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