How to change the oil in your car

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Automotive

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Changing the oil in your car should be a regular process. You should check the oil in your car regularly and make sure that not only does your car have the correct level of oil but also that the current oil is clean and free from dirt or impurities that may build up over time. Changing the oil in your Subaru Car in Salt Lake City can be a complicated, messy process but there are some steps that should be taken to ensure that you change your oil effectively and don’t cause any damage to the engine whilst undertaking the process.

Step by step
The first thing we must do is to make sure that we have all the necessary equipment in place to change the oil in the car. We should ensure that we have all the supplies and items at hand to ensure that the oil change process runs as smoothly as possible. It is a good idea to check everything is in place before we commence any oil change as it is much easier to organize these things prior to an oil change than during one. We need to check that we have items such as sockets or wrenches, replacement oil, a cloth or rags, a bucket and any other items we deem necessary.

It is advised that, prior to checking or replacing oil, we allow the engine in the car to run for a while. This ensures that the oil is at normal operating temperatures. Pull up the hood of the car and remove the cap on top of the engine where the oil is added. Next, find the drainage plug on the bottom of the oil tank. Usually the oil will drain out of the tank at an angle so it is advisable to have a bucket or pan underneath where the oil is draining to catch the oil. If you do not take care to position the bucket or pan correctly it may result in an unsightly, oily spillage running along your driveway or garage floor. When unscrewing this plug care should be taken to avoid dropping it in the bucket of oil, a regular occurrence, as it may be difficult to find it again when it is mixed in with all the drained oil. If this does happen then simply use a magnet to locate the plug, this will save yourself from being covered in oil.

After the oil is fully drained you can then start to add the new oil. Be warned, there are many components in an oil system and by simply changing the oil there are no guarantees that everything will be in perfect working order. Components like oil filters need to be considered and it is advisable that one consults the expert advice of an experienced professional. There are many companies offering oil change services relating to Honda, Toyota and Subaru repair in Salt Lake City. Take advantage of their expertise.

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