How to Know When You Need Brake Service in Davenport IA

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Automotive

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Properly functioning brakes are one of the most important components to keep your car running smoothly. Without working brakes, there is literally no way to stop the car. You need the brakes to be in fine working order at all times, especially if you happen to drive fast, since a greater force is required to stop a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed. If the brakes are in poor condition, the pads might break off or even damage the discs on your wheels. Thus, maintaining the brakes on your car is very important. You should take your car in for a brake service after every six months or so. You need to pay close attention to the brake pads and any noises they make. Read on to find out about common issues that might indicate worn-out brake pads.

The Pedal Starts Pulsating

One of the clearest indicators that your brake pads are going out of service is if the brake pedal starts pulsating as you press down. As the brake pads begin to warp due to the high temperature behind the wheel, they will start causing scratches on the disc. When you take your car in for brake service in Davenport IA, the mechanic will optimize the pads to mitigate the pulsating problem.

The Pads Are Thinning

Every time you apply the brakes, the pads connect with the disc installed behind the wheel. After a while, the surface material will begin to wear off of the brake pads. You can ask the mechanic to remove the wheels and to show you the brake pads. If they appear to be too thin, you should take your car for a brake service right away and ask for them to install new brake pads.

Screeching Sounds

This only happens when the brake pads have worn down significantly. The noise intensifies when the metal shim starts to touch the wheel disc, and this can cause some major damage to the metal disc if it isn’t rectified in time.

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