Keep Your Car Ride Smooth with Great Tire Repair in Buffalo Grove, IL Today

by | May 21, 2018 | Tires

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One of the most underappreciated aspects of a great ride is the maintenance of your vehicle’s tires. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes possible to continue driving on a damaged tire long before you realize you have a leak. Here are a few things your mechanic might do to test your slow leak and decide whether or not it should be repaired or replaced.

Listen for a Hissing Sound

This may not be the most technologically advanced method of finding leaks, but it is still one of the most used and most accurate. Tire repair specialists will fill your tire up with air, inflating it to what should be a prime pressure level, and listen closely to the sounds the tire makes. If they here a low, steady hissing noise, than you tire is suffering from a slow leak. Luckily for you, this is something that is easily repaired. Find an expert of tire repair in Buffalo Grove, IL today so that you can rest assured you’ll always be able to stay on the go.

Using Soap and Water

Again, many wouldn’t consider this technique as top-quality tire repair at first glance. However, this assumption could not be farther from the truth. By covering your tire in a soapy water mixture, the professionals may be able to see the formation of bubbles, thus revealing the existence and location of your slow leak. Dundee & Wolf Automotive Services is a great place for you to make sure you’re receiving top quality care at all times. Check them out now for all your tire needs and watch how they find your slow leak.

When it comes to running your vehicle right, making sure you’re not driving on a slowly leaking tire is key. Don’t wait around until your tires are damaged beyond repair. Get them checked out early and save yourself time and money today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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