Reasons To Get A Used Subaru Legacy In Naperville Today

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Automotive

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Family sedans may seem underrated because most people would prefer sporty vehicles and SUVs. However, for those in Naperville that have a family or want something that can hold a lot of people without being too big or bulky, a used Subaru Legacy is the answer you seek. They have all-wheel drive systems and a variety of safety features available, as well. Plus, they use the CVT transmission, which is highly responsive, ensuring that you get good gas mileage and handling.


If you choose the 2015 model year or higher, you’ll find that everything has been redesigned from previous years. The styling is significantly improved, and small changes have made it easier to get more passengers and have them be comfortable. Likewise, the interior has been upgraded, and you’ll notice better fuel economy.

Symmetrical AWD

While all Subaru’s have symmetrical AWD, you will find that in a used Legacy in Naperville, it is exceptional. You never have to worry about the driving conditions you’ll face because it can handle them all. You always get enough traction to stay on the road and be safe, perfect for those who have harsh winters.

Gas Mileage

Many AWD vehicles suffer from fuel efficiency because the all-wheel drive is always on and working hard. However, with the symmetrical version and a four-cylinder engine, you can get up to 36 miles per gallon on the highway and 26 in the city. Plus, you’ll still get plenty of power with a 2.5-liter engine and 175 horsepower. Some Legacy’s come with a V-6 engine, as well, so if the previous owner took that upgrade, you can find some with V6’s that have even more power, but still great gas mileage.

A used Subaru Legacy in Naperville has everything you need to look your best while driving and seat multiple passengers. Visit Hawk Subaru to learn more today.

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