The Basics Of Gold Cart Batteries

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Business

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If you own a golf cart, you have probably found that the biggest cost of ongoing maintenance is having to replace batteries. Most golf cart batteries will last approximately two years, but there are ways to ensure they will get you even further.

Unless you purchased your golf cart as a new cart from the dealership, do not go by the battery that is currently in use in the cart. When looking for a replacement check online or call the cart manufacturer and ask the specific voltage and type of battery to work with your make and brand of golf cart.

What to Know

There are a lot of different golf cart batteries that are slightly different in size and specifications. They are often incorrectly replaced by previous owners, which will lead to poor overall performance and life expectancy.

There are some golf carts that run completely off of the battery. These will use a deep cycle battery that is designed to provide the power needed to operate the cart under normal conditions. These batteries can be fully discharged and then charged without causing damage to the battery. Plugging the cart in after use is all that is required for the charging process.

With gas-powered carts, the battery is used to start the cart, just like a battery in a vehicle. These carts need a battery with a higher cranking amp rating to have the ability to turn over the motor.

Use of the Cart

With the golf cart batteries for the electric cart, it will be essential to consider the turnaround time for the cart. This is the amount of time it takes the battery to charge after being discharged. Short turnover times mean less delay between uses while the charge is occurring.

The higher the demand on the battery when the cart is in use, the lower number of minutes that the battery will run. With a lower amp demand on the battery the longer the cart can be used until it will need to be charged.

Ideally, the more you use the cart, the more important choosing a top quality battery will be. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive. Choosing the right battery is more important than going by cost.

Keep in mind that all batteries are only designed for so many cycles, which is the full discharge and charging process. Once this number is reached the battery will be close to the end of its life, although good maintenance and care can help it to have the longest possible life. To know more about gold cart batteries visit Business Name. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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