The Time When You Need a Complete Auto Glass Replacement in Chicago

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Automotive

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The see-through protection device on cars is really a very tough piece of glass. It can withstand the wind at high speeds and the occasional bugs that run into it. But there are some forces that can cause this glass to fracture. When this happens, the auto glass is compromised. The extent of the damage is going to be the difference between whether you replace the glass or repair it.

Obviously, a totally shattered windshield means that you will need a full auto glass replacement in Chicago. In that extreme case, the car is unsafe to drive because the shattered glass can harm the driver and passengers. It is also very hard to see with all of the wind whipping around. In this case, it is better to have the professionals at Frank’s Auto Glass in Chicago replace it at the location or to have the car towed to the shop for safety reasons. Make sure you have the make and model of your car on hand, as well as your insurance information.

Another reason it is better to replace the glass than to repair it is if the crack continues to get worse. There are many things that can make a crack worse. Weather changes, wind, bug strikes, and more rock strikes can make the cracks worse. Eventually, the crack will travel through the areas that are in the sight line. As the number of cracks increases, the chance of the glass shattering increases. So, it pays not to ignore the tiny cracks.

A compromised windshield is glass that allows some of the elements of the weather, like wind or rain, to leak through. Even though the hole is small, it is still dangerous. This weakness in the glass can cause major issues at any time and is a real safety hazard. So while it is tempting to ignore the problem, it is likely that you will need an auto glass replacement in Chicago.

These are a few big cases in which a full replacement of the auto glass is needed. Riding around with damaged glass can be extremely hazardous, and repairs should be done as soon as possible. Take the time now to contact Frank’s Auto Glass, an auto glass repair company.

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