Transmission Dallas Problems and Solutions

by | Aug 14, 2012 | Automobile maintenance‎

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Whenever something goes wrong with a vehicle owner’s transmission, most people tend to not have a very good understanding of the underlying issues at hand. Before bringing your automobile in for repair work, it’s essential to do a little research. By having this valuable knowledge, you’ll be able to determine whether the vehicle requires the assistance of a transmission Dallas repair facility along with a general cost for service or replacement.

Types of Transmission Problems
There are several kinds of automatic transmission issues that frequently occur. Basically, the vehicle does not run smoothly, or in extreme cases doesn’t run at all. This is a result of a number of potential errors or mechanical failure. With a little preventative maintenance, many of these problems can easily be avoided. For example, one of the most neglected tasks for most motorists is having the fluid levels regularly checked. Whenever levels become low, the vehicle will have a difficult time shifting and could eventually become damaged.

Leaking Transmissions
A professional transmission Dallas repair shop can quickly and easily detect leaks. As transmissions are closed systems, there are a limited number of areas where fluid can come out. Additionally, the type of fluid used is easily identifiable by its red color. Usually, leaks occur around the filler tube base, fluid pan, or seals between the transmission and the engine. Also, transmissions with coolers might also experience fluid seeping into the radiator. As these fluids do not mix, it’s easy to discern when there’s a leak.

Clogged Filters
The filtration system plays a big role in the overall performance of your vehicle. All filters must be regularly checked and whenever possible, replaced to avoid clogs. In fact, this is one of the first areas to be checked whenever problems with transmissions occur. Although these filters do not require changing as frequently as an oil filter, a blockage could lead to severe future problems such as overheating.

Certified Professionals
Unlike many other components of your vehicle, transmissions are very difficult for the average person to diagnose and work on. This type of repair usually takes highly specialized equipment and tools. For the average motorist, this would not be a practical investment or solution. Always make certain at the first sign of trouble to take your vehicle to a qualified transmission Dallas service facility. They have the experience, knowledge and skills to handle any type of repairs, rebuilds or replacements along with regular maintenance.

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