3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Pickup Trucks

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Truck Rental

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If you own a blue-collar business, equipment transportation may become an issue with your workers if they do not have the appropriate vehicles. As you browse through used car dealership inventories, you may become stuck deciding between trucks and vans.

Both contain ample storage space and can effectively transport people and equipment from point A to point B. However, used work trucks have a better reputation for serving the blue-collar business efficaciously.

Hauling and towing

Trucks typically have more room for supplies and equipment in their beds and, in addition, are able to transport heavier loads than vans. Besides the amount of space in the bed, trucks can tow other vehicles. In fact, pickup trucks have the strength to haul over 10,000 pounds!

If you have a piece of equipment that won’t fit in the truck bed due to a larger size or lack of space, that equipment can be towed or pulled by the truck. Trucks have options for attachments in the rear, meaning you never have to worry about lack of space ever again.

Loading and unloading

With vans, loading and unloading objects of substantial weight can be laborious and sometimes cause unnecessary injury. With trucks, you are not required to lift as much weight in order to load the vehicle. Instead, you lift once onto a lower platform before you can push the equipment to get it to where it needs to be.

It is the same for unloading. You do not need to bend over and strain your back just attempting to perform your job duties. Unloading and loading a truck bed is not as physically strenuous or time-consuming as it would be with a van.

Gas Mileage

Cargo vans are gas guzzlers with engines that are not fuel economy-focused. Most pickup trucks achieve a much better fuel economy than vans, meaning better mileage for an on-the-go business. Overall, a pickup truck will cost your company much less money in fuel.

Speaking of cost, brand new trucks can be pretty pricey. However, if your company does not have the budget for new trucks, there is no need for apprehension. Used work trucks are just as effective as new ones. In addition, there are many used pickup dealers who sell trucks that have been kept in remarkable condition.

One used work truck dealer that delivers all over the United States is business name Corporation, located in Lancaster, PA. Jakobsen has been trusted by blue-collar companies all over the country to supply dependable, quality work trucks. Jakobsen goes above and beyond to ensure all trucks are in superb condition. All trucks are stored in special locations to prevent rust damage and any other damage that may occur. They also resell their trucks at prices any company would be able to afford. Don’t have time to drive to Lancaster? Jakobsen delivers trucks all over the country (if you are within 100 miles of their location, delivery is free).

To find a dependable work truck that will serve your company well for many years, head to website today.

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