3 Signs Your Used Car May Be Worth More Than You’re Asking

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Used car

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Selling your used car in Houston, TX, and getting a good price for it doesn’t have to be complicated. When dealerships buy used cars, they look at a lot of factors. Here are three things to keep in mind when selling your used car:

1. If collectors and restorers have asked about your car, or it’s a perfect project for a gearhead, then it may be worth more than you think. Collectors who are searching for rare automobiles to restore may see your car in a much more attractive light than you do. Check out what people are saying about your classic car in vintage auto forums to get an idea of how in-demand yours would be to the right buyer.

2. Your car is in better shape than other cars around the same age. Old cars are not all the same. Differences in the interior condition and mechanical parts can change the value of the exact same model car. If you took good care of your car and the next person didn’t, your car deserves a better price! Search for the same car as yours and see what the competition has to offer.

3. You’ve got the receipts. If you’ve kept records on how and when your vehicle was serviced, and proof of where, when and how any repairs were made, then this paper trail can increase the resale value. Gather up your records and make sure your title is in order as well because these details mean more money!

In a city like Houston, TX, finding used cars is easy. You can get a better price for your used car with just a little research that doesn’t take too much time. A little time can mean a lot more money when a dealer buys your used car!

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