4 Reasons to Buy a Used Volvo

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Automotive

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New vehicles are great, but many buyers prefer to purchase used vehicles. There are numerous advantages to buying pre-owned. Below are four reasons why buyers prefer a used Volvo from Buffalo Grove dealerships.

Used Vehicles Cost Less

Compared to buying the same vehicle right off the factory line, used Volvos cost less. Buyers can find great deals on pre-owned vehicles that are only a year or two old. These vehicles often come with more than the standard features and have low miles.

Used Cars Avoid the Depreciation Hit

Buying a new car gets drivers that new car smell, but as soon as the vehicle gets driven off the lot it loses its value. Pre-owned cars depreciate more slowly and get buyers more for their money.

Used Cars Don’t Drag Buyers Underwater

Non-cash buyers need financing to purchase a used car. Unlike buying a new car, financing a used car usually doesn’t put the purchaser underwater on their loan if the car gets stolen or totalled in a wreck. New car owners typically find they owe more on their new car loan than what insurance will pay out.

Buy a Better Car

As previously mentioned, buying a used car opens the door to more features at a lower price. Many buyers find they can’t afford all the bells and whistles with a new car and end up with a standard version. However, purchasing a car that’s couple years old, opens up the door to better vehicles with more features.

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