4 Things People Mistakenly Assume About a Car Repairs Shop in White Bear Lake MN

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Automotive

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Although most auto repair shops are ethical and most drivers are relatively well-informed, some myths keep circulating-;and some shops will really take customers for a ride. Here, local drivers can learn the truth behind some of the most common misconceptions about the auto repair business.

Auto Manufacturers Recommend Maintenance Intervals to Boost the Bottom Line

Although today’s automakers are putting out cars that stay on the road longer while needing less upkeep, certain preventive maintenance steps can extend the life of a car. For instance, a timing belt must be replaced before it breaks, which can cause severe internal damage to the engine. If a car is properly maintained, it may go 200,000 miles or more without major repairs.

Shops Can Give Sight-Unseen Repair Estimates

A customer can call a different Car Repairs Shop in White Bear Lake MN every day, and they’re likely to get varying price quotes. However, most of these quotes are likely to be inaccurate. Unless a technician has had a chance to drive or examine the vehicle, they can’t accurately diagnose issues and offer an approximate price. Drivers should be wary of any shop willing to offer an estimate without a visual inspection of the vehicle.

Most Shops Recommend Unnecessary Repairs to Make More Money

While it’s true that a Car Repairs Shop in White Bear Lake MN does the customer no favors by failing to search for potential issues, an honest shop won’t suggest an unnecessary repair in order to raise the estimate. The shop thoroughly inspects every car that comes in, and a thorough inspection can uncover minor repairs before they become major problems.

All Shops are the Same

In fact, there’s often a substantial difference between local repair shops. Emerging automotive technology requires technicians to undergo continual training to keep up with changes. The best shops have the most current diagnostic equipment, along with a staff that’s certified in its operation. Finally, customers should look for a shop that offers a minimum of a one-year warranty on labor.

While every shop operates differently, certain things remain constant among them, certain recurring myths about the repair process. By learning the truth when they visit Americanimportsmn.com, customers can become more well-informed and get just the repairs they need.

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