A Brief Overview of Taper Roller Bearings

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Auto Parts

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Tapered roller bearings consist of four primary components which include: the outer ring, the inner ring, tapered rollers, and a roller retainer. The rings carry the loads while the roller retainer retains the rollers onto the cone. The cone, cage, and rollers are components that are referred to as the cone assembly. Individual cone and cup components of tapered roller bearings can be purchased separately or put together for you insert into the vehicle.

Taper Bearing Material

Tapered roller bearings are constructed of intense carbon chrome steel because of their need to perform. There are two different types of roller bearing heat treatments. One is through-hardened, and the other is case-hardened. A through-hardened heat treatment is one that gives extensively hardened within the component. A case-hardened treatment is one that is combined with both a flexible and tough core which can only be performed per request.

Tapered Roller Bearing Sizes

There are several different sizes of tapered roller bearings. They come in industrial or standard sizes in both metric as well as inches. You can have custom sizes made if you request them. They are typically 15-240mm or 1.38-15.75 inches. If you need a bearing of a different size, then you need to request it ahead of time.

Advantages to Roller Bearings

  • They have a steel cage that is durable
  • They have a long life and won’t need to be replaced for awhile
  • Dimensionally stable
  • They can be dimensionally interchanged with other manufacturers

They are typically used for moderate to heavy-duty applications that will benefit the vehicle in a number of ways. They also have a variety of uses.

  • They can be used in construction, mining, and agriculture equipment
  • Different types of axle systems
  • Engine motors, gear boxes, reducers
  • Conveyance vehicles

It is important that you have your taper roller bearings checked especially if you suspect any issues with them as you are driving. You will know for sure if there are issues with your steering wheel. You should take them to a mechanic just to get checkups regularly to ensure your safety. If all of this information sounds completely foreign to you, then contact your mechanic and ask him how you can keep your car in excellent condition at all times. They will also have all of the parts needed to repair your vehicle and help you to keep it safe. Have your wheel bearings checked regularly.

If you need a taper roller bearing for a repair job, then contact The HUB for more information. Visit their website to learn more.

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