Tips on the Maintenance of Brakes in Groton

Groton is one of the most beautiful towns in the New London County, U.S. The city is populated with many businesses among them auto repair shops offering quality repair and maintenance of brakes in Groton. These Shops have significantly helped in the reduction of the number of accidents.

The U.S Department for Transport and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted research to unearth the major factors that contribute to the motor vehicle crashes. This study was conducted between the years 2005 and 2007. In a summary of the findings statistics, it was reported that accidents caused by brakes failures account for a 35% of the mechanical failure reasons.

Evidently, utmost care of the condition of the brakes is crucial. Proper maintenance of the brakes can not only save money usually lost after a car is involved in accidents but can save lives. Therefore one needs to do the following for safety’s sake:

* Always replace the brake pads after an approximate 20,000 miles drive. After such mileage, the brake pads are too thin to function efficiently. The replacement increases the odds of an accident happening.

* Even if in a year one has not exceeded the 20, 000 miles, the car should undergo a full brake inspection.

* Regularly check the brake fluid. When the brake fluid starts to turn dark in color, it is an indicator that it needs a change.

Failure to properly take care of the brakes can lead to brake-related accidents which are caused by either of the following:

* Faulty Brake Lines: This decreases the effectiveness of the brakes as the leakages drain the brake fluid.

* Thin Brake Pads: Worn out brake pads cannot effectively stop the car, especially during an emergency. The reason is that the wear and tear interfere with the braking distance of the vehicle.

* ABS Malfunction: The Antilock Brake System’s design is in such a way that the wheels cannot automatically lock when one stops suddenly. However, if the system reaches a compromise by faulty brakes, the result can be catastrophic.

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