7 Tips for Better RV Thermostat Performance

Living in an RV and traveling wherever your wheels take you offers a lot of freedom, and is quite the ideal lifestyle for carefree souls. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to be as carefree with your RV’s thermostat performance as well. If you want better air circulation and efficiency inside your mobile home, here’s what you can do to make it happen:

  1. Follow the maintenance schedule to a tee. You can keep your RV thermostat running for longer if you keep up with the regular maintenance appointments needed. This can seem to be tough if you’re always on the road. However, you could easily find several service centers on the internet. So you’ll have a choice for whatever city or state you find your RV parked at the moment.

  2. Insulate your windows. No use using a thermostat and paying heating or cooling bills when your windows are letting all the heat or cold out anyway. So, take steps to keep the heat or humidity from seeping into, or out of, your RV.

  3. Are there any rooms or spaces in your RV that you aren’t using? Block off those spaces so your thermostat won’t have to cover those areas as well. That way, the unit won’t have to work so hard at providing the inside of your RV with better air.

  4. Pick digital over analog. Analog thermostats aren’t the best when it comes to accuracy, says Road Trippers. It’s better to go with a digital RV thermostat.

  5. Make sure your digital thermostat isn’t directly in line of the sun or near heat sources like the oven, fridge or even a nearby lamp. This could compromise your thermostat’s ability to cool your RV.

  6. Spend time out doors. One way you could save on your thermostat bills and help keep your thermostat running for longer is by spending a couple of hours outdoors. There are plenty of air-conditioned spaces you could take a break in—the mall, library, gym, theater and even museums. So head on out for a day outside your RV.

  7. When it’s time for a replacement, make sure you go for a trusted source. That way, you know you’ll only be getting a quality replacement. You won’t have to worry about it breaking down on you any time soon.

RV living is exciting, but you need to pay attention to a lot of details to keep things running smoothly. With these things—like making sure your thermostat runs perfectly, you can go back to enjoying the fun and freedom of being on the road.

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