Auto Repair in La Habra Has All Your Car Maintenance Needs

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Automotive

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Winter is over and spring is here. It’s that time of year to get your car checked out before the hot summer months are upon us. Auto Repair La Habra can help keep your car running smooth.

Proper maintenance is essential for your cars longevity. Your car’s handbook will have the manufacturers guidelines as to what kind of oil you need and when to change it. Make sure you use the proper oil for your car. If you don’t then your car will use more gas and your engine won’t run efficiently. The handbook will also recommend when you should get the break fluid checked along with transmission fluid and engine coolant.

Make sure to get regular car checkups to avoid unforeseen problems. When you take your car in to get it checked the service personnel often do an overall check of your car. This is a great service to have done every time you get your car serviced, even if you’re only getting an oil change. You never know what they will find. Something small now will cost a lot less to fix then having to get your car towed back to the service station because you didn’t get it checked out in the first place. Auto Repair La Habra does routine maintenance checks.

Always be on the lookout for signs of car trouble. Keep and eye on your warning lights in your car. Notice long periods of odd smells when you’re driving. This could be a sign of car troubles, and keep and ear out for strange noises coming from underneath your car. Squealing wheels when the breaks are applied may mean you need your brakes replaced.

There is more to proper maintenance then checking tire pressure and changing the oil. It’s important to keep your tires rotated and balanced and aligned. This insures you get the best wear out of your tires. Battery checks are essential. Extreme heat and cold can kill a battery in hours. Hoses and belts need to be checked for cracks and leaks.

Auto Repair La Habra can help you with all your cars maintenance needs. From engine problems to blade services, and oil changes to tire repair, they will be there when you need them.

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