The Best Auto Repair Shop in Sterling, Virginia

Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has earned a stellar reputation as an auto repair and maintenance company due to their exceptional service and customer-friendly atmosphere. A multi-generational family-owned business, Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto first opened its doors in Leesburg, Virginia in 1984. The fledgling business was spearheaded by John F. Hogan, Jr., a faithful long-term employee of a local Goodyear plant who made a bold decision to venture out into entrepreneurship by opening his own tire dealership. Leveraging his extensive history with Goodyear, Mr. Hogan was able to establish his fledgling business as a direct dealer for the tire maker, a privilege that continues to this day.

From its humble beginnings in Leesburg, Virginia, Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has expanded its operation across multiple locations including. The company has been able to stay strong and thrive over the years due to their customer centric philosophy of treating people like family. The professional staff at Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto are well aware of the frustration and inconvenience that car problems can cause, so they take extra care to provide as much comfort and convenience as possible to patrons who bring in their vehicles for repair. Should you need to bring your car into any of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto’s 8 locations including Sterling, Virginia where, you will enjoy free WiFi service, free premium coffee and free shuttle service to and from work if need be. The staff at Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto is committed to providing excellent service for any car repair Sterling needs, including tire replacement, inspections, tune-ups, maintenance, oil changes, transmission repair, and much more.

When you choose to entrust your auto repair and maintenance needs to Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto in Sterling, Virginia or any of their other 7 locations, you can rest assured that you will be treated with respect and courtesy, and your vehicle will receive the care it needs at the hands of professional auto technicians. With the combination of outstanding customer service and top-notch professional expertise, it’s easy to see why Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto is the best auto repair shop in Northern, Virginia.

Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto is the source of vehicle educational information. Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto recommends regular vehicle care and maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Hogan & Sons can efficiently check all components of your vehicle as part of a vehicle tune-up. Visit our website at URL. Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has 8 locations throughout the Northern Virginia area to serve you.

Visit Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto Online at: URL

*Always check your owner’s manual for your vehicle model’s specific instructions before attempting any type of repair.

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