Tips On Passing Exhaust Inspection in Phoenix, AZ

While not every state requires an exhaust inspection or smog test, there are many that do. Not every state-by-state test is exactly the same but, for the most part, they all follow the same guidelines. Here are some general tips on passing the exhaust inspection in Phoenix AZ.

* First things first. Never bring the vehicle in to be inspected if it is not running properly. If there is any sort of noticeable problem, the chances are high the vehicle will not pass, and the inspection fee will be lost.

* Experts recommend that the vehicle be driven for approximately 20 minutes before the inspection is performed. This ensures the vehicle will be properly warmed up and optimum combustion is taking place within the engine.

* Fuel additives are also recommended, as they can aid in removing deposits that form throughout the vehicle’s fuel delivery system. These deposits can clog the engine and result in a failed exhaust inspection in Phoenix AZ due to less-than-optimal functioning.

* Believe it or not, proper tire pressure can also play a factor in passing or failing a test. This is because tires that are inadequately inflated can provide an uneven load to the engine.

* If an oil change is due to be performed on the vehicle, make sure to get it done before the inspection takes place. This is because contaminated oil being burned can result in the fumes throwing off the emission test sensors.

* If the “check engine” light is on, no matter what the reason, do not bother to bring the vehicle in for inspection. The light being on will be an instant fail. Make sure to take care of whatever problem is causing the light to appear before scheduling an appointment.

* The battery of the vehicle needs to have been continuously connected for at least a week before attempting to pass the test. This is not usually a problem for most people but, if the vehicle recently needed a jump start, it needs to be driven for between 100-200 miles so the internal monitors can calibrate themselves.

Contact us for any questions regarding scheduling an emission test or what exactly the car will go through to ensure it passes. Qualified technicians are available to service the vehicle in a highly professional manner.

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