Five Great Reasons to Buy a 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCab Instead of a SuperCrew

If you want a 2019 F-150 with a back seat, you have two choices: the SuperCrew with its full-size seat or the SuperCab with less passenger legroom. The SuperCrew is the most popular choice among Ford trucks in New Lenox, but here, we’ll give you five reasons to think about buying an F-150 SuperCab.

You’ll Get a Longer Bed

While the SuperCrew comes with a 5.5-footbed, the SuperCab’s bed is a foot longer at 6.5 feet. The longer bed is an option on the Super Crew, but the wheelbase must be made longer. If you really need to haul some stuff, there’s an available eight-foot bed.

Rear-Opening Doors

The 2019 F-150 SuperCab maximizes its abbreviated passenger area with rear-hinge doors that open 180 degrees for improved access. Better still, the 2019 SuperCab has no B-pillar, which means that it’s easier to load and unload awkward cargo. This is one of the F-150’s advantages over its competitors.

Good Rear Legroom

With almost 34 inches of rear passenger legroom, the average-sized adult will be comfortable in the back seat of the SuperCab. Rear shoulder, hip, and headroom are almost identical to that found in the SuperCrew. The rear seats’ bottoms fold away to maximize cargo capacity; so does the footwell.

Greater Payload

Where towing is concerned, the SuperCrew takes the win. It’s rated at 13,200 pounds, compared to the 12,000 pounds for the SuperCab. With that said, the SuperCab has a greater payload rating than the SuperCrew at 2980 pounds vs. 2790.


The biggest advantage the SuperCab has over the SuperCrew is in its pricing. Starting at approximately $34,000, the base SuperCab is about $2500 less expensive than a comparably equipped SuperCrew. Though the SuperCab isn’t available in the F-150’s highest trims, you can still get a well-equipped Lariat.

When you need a reliable, rugged truck, the extended-cab version of the 2019 F-150 is hard to beat. Visit us at or stop by Ron Tirapelli Ford to see how these Ford trucks in New Lenox compare to one another.

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