A Simple Guide to Help You Care for Your New Auto Glass in Chicago

You’ve got a window replacement scheduled, and you can’t wait to get back on the road safely again, but there are a few things to consider. The following guide will help you care for your newly replaced windshield properly.

What to do After Replacement

So, you’ve got new auto glass in Chicago, which is great, but you can’t just drive your vehicle like normal. First off, you want to do a little inspection before you leave the auto glass repair shop. The technicians will do their best to clean up all pieces of glass, but you can’t be too careful. Just inspect your vehicle as carefully as you can for glass shards.

Also, don’t do any heavy driving for an hour. The glass has to set and dry, so just drive your car to your home and let it sit like that for an hour. The vehicle’s new glass isn’t done drying after that first hour, so make sure you avoid placing covers on the window or putting clutter on your dashboard. Doing this could make it harder for your windshield to set and you don’t want that.

Be sure to leave your window cracked after getting new auto glass in Chicago for at least two days. Closing your windows creates air pressure inside your vehicle, and your windshield is not strong enough to withstand that just yet. Leave a small crack for two days. Avoid car washes and avoid being too rough on your vehicle, like driving on poorly maintained roads that will create too much vibration.

Frank’s Auto Glass Repair Chicago can offer more information about your new windshield if they take care of your replacement, which you can do by making an appointment online.

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