Your Body Shops Lubbock Repair Service – Restoring Damaged Vehicles to a New Condition

Body shop repair facilities specialize in the restoration of wrecked automobiles. A body shops Lubbock facility has highly trained staff that deal specifically with automotive frame and body damage, such as that often incurred in collisions. Repairing damage to a vehicle or its frame can be quite complicated. As a result, a trip to a body shop isn’t always cheap. In some instances, car insurance covers the expense when it’s related to an accident and the driver has adequate coverage.

Repair Specialists
Damage to a frame can make a vehicle useless and not drivable, as can substantial body damage. These conditions can also make the automobile look unsightly. This is a concern for those who would like to resell their car someday. Focusing on automobile frames sets body shops apart from regular automotive repair centers. In a general repair facility, many different types of repairs are handled. These range from normal maintenance, such as oil changes, engine rebuilding and transmission work. However, some of these services are also offered in body shops, depending on their policies.

Trained Body Damage Technicians
Typically, a body shops Lubbock repair center provides dent repair, welding and painting service using lifts, heavy duty tools and other specialized equipment. The technicians are capable of repairing any type of exterior damage. Many will have pursued other certifications. It’s not unusual to see automobile body shops that specialize in particular makes and styles of cars.

Service Estimation
When a vehicle enters an auto body shop to be repaired, the staff first estimates a general cost. They might be required to order new sections, fabricate new parts, or use force to transform the frame of the automobile back into original shape. Depending on the amount of sustained damage, repairs can be time-consuming. The estimate will be submitted to the vehicle owner, who then decides whether to go ahead and have repairs done. Sometimes it is necessary to have the estimate forwarded to the insurance provider for approval.

Vehicle Replacement
There are cases when repair costs end up being more than the worth of the vehicle. In these situations, the owner can request for the body repair shop to completely scrap the car. Payments covered by insurance typically allow a totaled car to be replaced with one of similar value. Because body damage can be cost prohibitive, many motorists carry comprehensive insurance. This way, they know their vehicle will be replaced or repaired if major damage occurs.



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