Best Tips for How to Find Chicago Auto Parts to Fit Vehicles

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Automobile

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Nothing is more frustrating that purchasing an auto part for a vehicle and it doesn’t fit. Fortunately, vehicle owners don’t have to be in this situation. With these tips finding Chicago auto parts doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Know the Vehicle’s Make and Model

This is the most straightforward way to find the right part for any vehicle. Whether the vehicle is new, used, or reconditioned, the make and model narrows down the selection. Most online auto parts shops offer search results based on this information.

Know the Engine Size

Sometimes the make and model information will only get a buyer so far. That’s because some makes and models have more than one engine size. For some parts like spark plugs, engine size matters.

Read the Product Description

The biggest mistake vehicles owners make is failing to read the product description. This information is found online and also on the box the part comes in. Sometimes product descriptions have disclaimers that could affect how well the part fits a vehicle.


Not all Chicago auto part stores use the same fitment data. For example, some use the industry standard ACES. Others have their own master vehicle lists.

The best way to buy parts for vehicles is to read the owner’s manual for specifics and buy from reputable sellers who have experience with all kinds of vehicles. For more information about buying auto parts, contact New Cats Auto Parts.

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