The Most Common Replacement Forklift Parts In Southern California Every Company Should Have On Hand

A forklift makes quick and easy work of loading and unloading trucks by reducing the manual labor required to move heavy or bulky items. Most models are designed for a commercial environment and will provide years of reliable use, but certain parts should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. Having the following Forklift Parts in Southern California readily accessible will allow a company to remain operational and prevent a breakdown that could lead to downtime and halt a production line.

Fuel Lines

Forklifts that operate on propane or other pressurized fuel sources rely on a fuel line to transport the gas from the onboard tank to the engine compartment. If the fuel line becomes damaged, it will not only prevent a forklift from running smoothly but will allow harmful fuel gasses to enter a building and cause carbon monoxide concentrations to reach lethal levels. Replacing the fuel hoses on a forklift will prevent this problem and allow a company to operate gas powered units indoors without fear of harming employees.


Units that run entirely on batteries are less likely to pose safety threats, but as a battery is charged, it will gradually lose its ability to hold a charge over time. This will result in equipment that doesn’t run reliably and needs frequent recharging. Fixing this issue is easy and just requires a full replacement of any batteries that have exceeded their useful life expectancy.

Tire Replacements

The tires of a forklift withstand a significant amount of use and abuse, and over time this wear and tear will cause them to lose tread. Replacing the tires will improve overall control when operating the forklift and will ensure minimal vibrations. Tires are one of the must-have Forklift Parts in Southern California every company needs and will keep a forklift safe for use.

When a forklift breaks down, it causes a company’s operations to come to a standstill. Select Equipment Inc. has a large number of parts in-stock and will make keeping a forklift operational a straightforward process that doesn’t break the bank. Visit to learn more about the services they offer and keep any needed equipment functional for less.

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