Car Rentals – Pros and Cons

Car rentals are a thriving class of business owing to the nature of services they provide. In the humdrum of life, travelling has become a must and thanks to the better networking we have at our disposal, the scale of all business or even personal relationships has become bigger than ever before. This high to moderate frequency of travelling has brought many rental companies into business.

Where can you find a car rental?

Car rental agencies have shops or representative offices around all major airports and railway stations. In addition, some taxi cab providers also allow customers to rent a car for a fixed period of time.

The pros

Whether one is out on a vacation to some exotic locales on an island, or on a business trip, calling a cab every time they have to get out can be quite a hassle. A more economical and convenient option available is that of renting a car. All one has to do is to approach a car rentals company, present the required documents, place a request and walk out with keys to a car that is theirs to keep for a certain amount of time. This allows the customers a lot of flexibility and self dependence when it comes to travelling.

The cons

While almost everything is rosy about renting a car and using it to get around, it is just that- almost. What seems amiss and a little shady is the fact that GPS installed in these cars can be used to track their movement, a possible invasion of privacy of the customers as ruled by the Supreme Court in Connecticut way back in 2005. Six years from then, today, there are far greater technologies car rentals can use and this is not received well because of a heightened guard people like to keep for their privacy.

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