Care for Your Transmission Before You Have a Severe Problem

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Auto Parts

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Whether you are a mechanic or a regular individual that owns a car, you know the importance of properly maintaining your automobile to make sure it runs smoothly. If you think you have a problem with your transmission, it is important to follow the steps required to prevent more damage being done to your vehicle. The first step is if you are not a mechanic, you should take it in to be checked out. A professional will have the knowledge and skills required to help determine if there is a problem and how they can fix the issue. By not knowing, you could find yourself wasting not only your time but also money in trying to correct the problem. You do not want to have more issues just because you did not have an expert check it out. Once you determine your transmission is experiencing problems, you should search for transmission parts online to find the products required to repair the device.

How to Know Your Transmission is Not Working Properly

  • If you feel a hesitation when you are switching gears, the gears slip out of place for no particular reason, or when you switch to a new gear, you feel it jerking.
  • When the gears are overheating from too much friction, you may being to smell a burnt odor when you are getting in or out of your car. You should immediately take your car to an expert if you smell a hot or burning odor that does not seem normal to you.
  • The gears seem to shake or grind together when you switch into another gear.
  • The fluid is no longer a bright red, but cloudy or burnt looking when you check your fluids. Clean transmission fluid should have a sweet smell to it if you detect the burnt odor this means there is an issue with your transmission.
  • You see spots under your car in areas that you park at is a sign that your automobile is leaking fluids and should be seen by a mechanic to determine the problem.

Find a Trustworthy Company to Order from Online

When you are searching for a place to order online from check into their certifications. A reputable company will hold certifications that will speak for how you can rely on their products to be made of quality material. Whether you own a shop or love to work on your own cars, you want to be sure to find a place that can provide you with the proper products at an affordable price. Raybestos Powertrain has been supplying quality parts to the automobile industry since 1902. Browse website for quality transmission parts.

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