Complete the Repair Process With Car Painting in Johnson County

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Auto Repair

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When a car has been involved in an accident, it may need car painting in Johnson County once the repairs have been made. Restoring a vehicle to pre-accident condition includes matching the paint on the repaired portion to the paint on the rest of the vehicle. The skilled eye of a paint specialist can blend the patched section so that the new area fuses with the rest of the auto for a seamless finish. If done properly, no one will ever be able to detect that the vehicle had been in an accident.

Auto Body Repairs

Most accidents result in some type of vehicle damage. Restoring a vehicle to its original condition is what one should expect from an auto body repair shop. This includes using quality mechanical parts, ensuring that the metal work was done according to auto industry guidelines, and any paint work should be color matched correctly so that it blends with the original parts that are still on the vehicle.

Chips and Scratches

Most scratches can be buffed out, wet sanded and painted to blend in. Chips may require being filled in with a body filler before the final wet sanding and paint can be done. Not attending to chips and scratches may result in rust developing on areas where bare metal is exposed, which can eventually spread and weaken the metal.

Color Matching

One of the most important steps when having car painting in Johnson County done is color matching. If the colors are slightly off, the finished product will not look cohesive, and the repaired area will stand out and be visible. Matching older paint can be tricky, but an experienced color specialist has ways to get it close and blend it in, so that repaired area on a vehicle is undetectable after the paint has been applied and allowed to dry.

Restoring a vehicle after an accident is not complete until the final coat of paint has been put on. If it’s not done correctly, any repairs to the body of the vehicle will stand out, so the painting stage is a crucial element of the vehicle repair process. For more information about auto repair and paint services, please click here.

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