Dealing With A Damaged Windshield

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Automotive

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Anyone that puts a lot of miles on his or her car has probably had their windshield hit by flying debris. Sometimes there is no damage at all, other times the impact of a pebble or piece of gravel will result in a small divot. If the depth of the damage is small, any Chicago auto glass shop can repair the damage, if the divot is deep enough it will soon worsen and the windshield will crack. In this case the windshield will have to be replaced, not only because of vision issues, the windshield of a car is an integral structural component and is extremely important should the vehicle be involved in a collision.

Dealing with windshield damage:

There are only two possibilities if you car windshield is damaged:

   * Repair the crack if the size and circumstances are right, or
   * Replace the windshield

The first solution is practical if the chip or crack is small and not directly in the line of sight of the driver or right along the edge of the glass. A crack or chip along the edge will spread quickly, compromising the integrity of the windshield. In cases like this, it is best to replace the glass.

How are chips repaired?

If the technicians that repair and replace Chicago auto glass are of the opinion that a repair is a practical solution the entire operation usually takes less than half an hour. The damaged area is cleaned, and a resin material is injected directly into the imperfection. Once the material s cured the glass will be as strong as it ever was, once the repaired area is polished, there is little or no visual indication.

If the technicians believe the solution is glass replacement, this takes a little longer. To replace the windshield means the seal and adhesive must also be removed and replaced. The drying time for the new adhesive is about one hour.

If your windshield is damaged, either chipped or cracked it needs attention without delay. If you are looking for Chicago auto glass, look no further than Frank’s Auto Glass. Mobile service is available.

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