Dealing With Radiators In Ledyard

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Auto Repair, Automobile

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As with other systems that help vehicles operate, Radiators in Ledyard can have problems. When people think of radiator problems, they tend to think of a car that has steam coming from under its hood. Car owners need to know the signs of radiator problems, so they know when to take their cars in for service. One of the most common problems that radiators have been overheating. Overheating can be caused by problems with coolant level, broken radiator hoses, radiators that are dirty, and fan problems. The best thing to do when a car is overheating is to pull over and let it cool down. If water or coolant is on hand, it can be added to the radiator.

Radiators in Ledyard can also suffer from rust problems. Since radiators are exposed to a lot of moisture, it’s easy to see how rust can be a problem. Car owners can check their radiators for signs of rust by visually inspecting them. Since rust can be hidden inside of radiators, the radiator cap will have to be removed so that signs of interior rust can be detected. If the fluid color has a brown tint, there might be a problem with rust. A car with brownish fluid should have the system flushed at Bumper to Bumper or any other quality shop. While the service is being performed, mechanics can look for other signs of radiator trouble.

There are some things that car owners can due to trying to minimize rust. Using quality coolants always benefits a radiator. Also, people should refrain from using tap water with their radiators. Tap water can contain minerals that promote rust. Instead of tap water, people should fill their cooling systems with distilled water. Even when signs of rust aren’t detected, a car’s system should be flushed yearly. People who maintain their cooling systems are less likely to have problems. Unfortunately, some car owners start doing maintenance only after they notice problems.

Radiators in Ledyard can also suffer from leaks. All radiator leeks should be fixed as soon as they are noticed. So what causes leaks? In most cases, leaks are due to a vehicle’s age. Car accidents can also cause radiators to develop leaks.

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