Diagnose Problems For An Automatic Transmission In Arizona

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Automobile

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Learn the basics before discussing the problems regarding your vehicle’s automatic transmission in Arizona. Understanding how a transmission works and common issues that can be associated with a faulty transmission will help you making an informed decision. This article provides more information on the basics of a transmission and possible root causes of a bad transmission.

Basic Parts of a Transmission in Arizona

An automatic transmission of a vehicle has many parts inside but the basic key parts are the bell housing. The bell is shaped metal housing visible from the outside underneath the car. It is usually mounted under the hood for a front wheel drive vehicle and behind the engine underneath the car in a rear wheel drive vehicle. Automatic transmission has two types of gears, main and planetary. These are mechanical systems and provide the gear ratios for forward and reverse motions. The hydraulic system in an automatic transmission consists of transmission fluid, oil pump and a valve body that controls clutches and the gear sets. Seals and gaskets prevent any oil leakages, a torque converter that allows the vehicle to stop in a gear even when the engine is running and finally a filter that ensures a clean transmission fluid.

Troubleshooting Problems With Transmission In Arizona

Make sure that the transmission fluid level is correct. This should also be a part of the regular inspection every six months. A low transmission fluid can cause poor shift in your car resulting in damage and costly repair. A fluid leak can also be the cause of low level of the fluid. Get that checked as well. The transmission fluid is red in color and you can see the red color if there is a leak. The potential leakage areas are at the filter base or at the drain hole under the transmission. It could also be at the shaft that connects the gear shift to the transmission or at the radiator and at the speed sensor mounting point.

A clogged filter could also be a problem that causes poor performance. If the filter hasn’t been replaced in some time, make sure to replace it before starting any other repair work. You need professionals for Automatic Transmission in Arizona for any diagnostic and repair issues.

Replacement Vs Overhaul Of Transmission In Arizona

If your transmission needs an overhaul, you have two choices. The first one is to remove the existing one, repair it and put it back. The other option is to use a new rebuilt or re-manufactured unit. This is a much faster option that will get you car going in no time but it requires careful selection of the transmission model used. There are many different options available depending upon the model, engine, tire size and the axel ratio. If not chosen correctly you could experience issues with incorrect speedometer readings, incorrect shift points or transmission failure. Visit us online to learn more about our shop or call today to schedule an appointment to get started.

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