Differences in Auto Towing Services

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Towing Services

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There are some major differences in companies that offer auto towing services. Learning as much about local companies as possible will help determine which place to call when stuck on the side of the road. Those who travel regular routes that cover long distances will want to research the companies along the route as well. The time spent making note of which company to utilize can save time and money when stranded.

Whether people have AAA coverage for roadside assistance or not, it is wise to select a company that has that affiliation. It indicates that the company has the capacity to cover emergencies, is available twenty-four hours a day, and can tow all types of vehicles. In addition to towing, the company provides services such as tire changes, jump starts, gas delivery, and unlocking car doors. Charges also tend to be more affordable for customers with no roadside assistance insurance. The same rates apply for all calls.

Finding larger companies is also a better bet than a small service station with one or two trucks available for towing. A small station increases wait times due to lack of capability. If the tow truck is on another call, the wait can be hours. A large station will have more vehicles ready to help, which means faster service. That can make a huge difference in the middle of a busy day.

Being towed to a small shop that may not be able to look at the vehicle for a day or two will cost time and money, as well as be a complete inconvenience. Large towing companies, such as USA Towing & Recovery, have the capacity, advanced technology, and certified technicians to provide fast and comprehensive services to all vehicles. Full services include the towing, repairs, and any auto body work that has to be done.

Savings is realized in time and repair costs, as well as in related costs. A rental car, for example, will not be needed for extended periods of time. Taxi service to and from work, or paying a coworker gas money to go out of their way to pick you up, is also not necessary. Locating a comprehensive and reliable company ahead of time and programming their number into the mobile phone will reduce stress the next time auto towing services are required. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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