The Class A Commercial Drivers License in Chicago Qualifies a Young Adult for an Over-the-Road Trucking Job

When a young adult with only a high school education is looking for a job that pays a living wage, that search can be difficult. Obtaining a Commercial Drivers License in Chicago and becoming a truck driver is a possibility for someone who likes driving. Over-the-road semi drivers are in demand due to an increasing shortage of these workers. A search on a major job board for truck drivers based out of the Chicago area turns up thousands of available positions.

Entry-level jobs may require being away from home much of the time, but drivers can eventually work their way into jobs with dedicated runs that get them home every night, or nearly so. Trucking companies also are devising creative strategies to get their drivers home more frequently, since this issue is a primary cause of turnover in the industry. For example, some companies now offer split runs, in which one driver takes a load halfway to its destination, then picks up a different one heading back to home base. A second driver picks up that first load and delivers it to the drop site.

To obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Chicago that qualifies a person to drive a semi truck, that individual must demonstrate proficiency in the necessary skills. A rigorous written exam also must be passed. Those skills can be learned and practiced at a facility such as Star Truck Driving School, where students also learn the information they need to pass the written test. Once the students complete the program and acquire the Class A CDL, they’ll meet requirements for many of the positions being advertised. Some companies require a certain amount of experience, but others have such a substantial need for drivers that they hire new license holders.

Over-the-road truckers can generally expect to earn at least $35,000 per year to start, and many earn much more than that. Companies that hire drivers as employees provide benefits such as health insurance and paid vacations. Individuals who are excited about seeing other parts of the country and not being confined to a desk or a factory job all day are especially suited for this type of work.

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