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by | Apr 19, 2019 | Auto

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Professional detailing restores that “new car” smell we know that you love. We love it, too, which is why we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality mobile auto detailing in Takoma Park MD<. Submitted for your consideration: the ultimate mobile auto detailing experience.

The Magic We Work: A Brief Intro

Lack of time and location is arguably the main reason car owners like you skip routine auto detailing. You’d be surprised how little time it takes for your car’s interior to start looking tragic. Luckily, we here at Fast Shine offer a series of auto detailing services to spiff up your vehicle’s interior and exterior in no time at all.

Our mobile service differentiates us from traditional auto detailing services. We come to you or wherever your car is parked. We can rendezvous with you on your day off, before work or after work. We work quickly and efficiently, pampering your ride until it takes on its showroom-quality glow.

Focus on the Outside, the Inside or Both

Our structure of services lets you tweak what your car receives. For the “Mini-Interior” Detail we clean your trunk and the whole interior of your ride. We get the windows streak-free and squeaky clean. We clean and dress your dashboard and console, and we infuse the cabin air with subtle, fresh scent.

With our “Mini-Exterior” Detail, we shampoo your car from top to bottom, drying it with chamois to prevent streaking and to enhance shine. Of course, we remove bugs and tar, clean and dress the wheels, and apply a liquid polymer wax. You’re welcome to combine both detail treatments into one. Each detail has a flat fee, so there’s never any fine print when it comes to what we charge.

Enjoy settling down into a spanking, like-new auto cockpit for your next commute to work. For mobile auto detailing Takoma Park MD, gives us a call or contact us via our website.

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