Find Available Parking Near Chicago’s Historic Lincoln Park Zoo

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Parking

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Lincoln Park Zoo Location Overview

The Lincoln Park Zoo covers approximately 35 acres in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. This popular tourist attraction is part of the city’s extensive waterfront district. The zoo is surrounded by other parks, museums and beaches along the beautiful Lake Michigan. Some tourists use buses and rapid transit to reach the iconic lakefront area. As a driver, you can still find some available parking near Lincoln Park Zoo. You can find some public and private facilities that offer hourly parking near the zoo. Some parking near Lincoln Park Zoo will also be available at indoor garages, which primarily serve the commercial areas in the neighborhood.

Driving to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL

Before you drive to the Lincoln Park Zoo, you should search for suitable parking locations. There are some mobile applications that will help you find legitimate parking near Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo is surrounded by several outdoor parking lots, which also serve other neighboring attractions. On a cold winter day, you could find some indoor parking options near the zoo. The hourly parking rates will mainly depend on the day of the week. You should be aware of any zones that restrict parking for passenger vehicles near the zoo. Additionally, some parking lots and garages will be reserved for special events in Lincoln Park.

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