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by | Apr 22, 2013 | Automotive

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Americans demand different elements in their vehicles depending on their families and lifestyles. Whether one desires a sports car, an environmentally friendly electric car, or something in-between, Ford Dealers Madison probably has the vehicle to answer one’s needs.

Ford cars come in a variety of models. Beginning with the American example of power and freedom, the Mustang, Ford continues to produce one of the most powerful and affordable sports cars in the United States. While other models focus on fuel economy, sometimes sacrificing power, the mustang continues to be a powerful and enjoyable car to drive for a sports car enthusiasts. Other vehicles, including the Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta answer the needs of the driver who would like an affordable, stylish, tech-friendly vehicle. These cars come with a manual transmission with the basic packages, with optional automatic versions; high tech options come standard on most; and many other modern features, including assisted parking, blind-spot detection, and rearview cameras, often come standard. The Focus enjoys the highest safety rating possible and also comes in an electric model for people with environmental concerns. For those families who need an SUV type vehicle, the Ford Escape answers with affordability, smooth driving, and SUV style. In answer to the needs of those concerned with fuel economy and/or environmental concerns, the C-Max Hybrid and Focus electric respond. The C-Max Hybrid’s fuel economy bests that of Toyota’s Prius, while retaining the passenger space of an SUV. The Focus Electric operates with a Lithium Battery which charges in four hours. It also retains the additional elements from the regular Ford Focus. Most of these Ford vehicles come with technology that rivals other car manufacturers, including SyncVoice and MyFord. Ford’s cars enjoy good safety ratings and are highly affordable without sacrificing style and enjoyment.

When searching for a car, Ford Dealers in Madison will be able to guide the customer toward the right Ford car for them based on their lifestyle, family, and desires in a vehicle. Whether one desires power, fuel economy, size, smooth handling, or technology, a Ford vehicle will be able to answer the demands of each consumer.

Our Ford Dealers Madison offers great deals on new and used Ford cars. Visit or Call now to schedule an appointment with an experienced and friendly sales agent!

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