Finding a Reliable Car Repair Shop or RAM Dealership in Las Cruces, NM

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Auto

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Finding a car repair shop as trustworthy as your favorite RAM dealership in Las Cruces, NM can be tricky. With almost every shop claiming to be the best in the field, it’s hard to tell which one can take good care of your vehicle. You might even think of going DIY to avoid the hassle of choosing a car repair shop. However, with all the sophisticated features of your modern car you’d rather not touch, it makes more sense to leave the job to the experts.

You’re lucky if the Dodge dealership in El Paso, TX where you bought or leased your car offers auto repair and maintenance services, since it saves you the trouble of looking elsewhere. If not, then your only choice is to look for a separate service provider. This simple guide may help.

Leased Car? Review Your Contract

If you own your vehicle, federal law allows you to have it serviced at any auto repair shop without compromising your warranty coverage. But if you are leasing it, your options may be restricted by your contract. In most cases, you are required to have all repair and maintenance work on your vehicle performed at the dealership.

Car Dealerships and Independent Shops

The best place to have your car checked and serviced is at the dealership where you bought it. They specialize in the brands, makes, and models they sell, which means they can access the manufacturer’s latest technical service bulletins (TSBs). These are instructions on repairing problems with a specific vehicle model, which other car dealerships that don’t carry your car’s brand may not have.

The general rule is to go to a dealership if your vehicle is covered by a warranty, especially if the repair will involve complex procedures, such as electronics system diagnosis or transmission revamp. Doing so saves you a lot of money since the manufacturer will cover the service.

However, if going to a dealership is impossible, consider looking for an independent auto shop. They usually have an advanced facility and a comprehensive range of choices in terms of services and replacement parts. They may also have technicians who are highly experienced with different types and brands of cars.

Ask for Referrals from Family and Friends

You may consider looking for a car repair shop as a big decision for several reasons. For one, it can cost you a lot of money, especially if some parts need replacing. Another reason is that you will be visiting your chosen car repair shop more than once, as it is ill-advised to have different mechanics fine-tuning your vehicle.

Thus, when making big decisions such as this one, it would be best to consult with people you trust—family and friends. Get advice from a relative or a colleague at work who has the same car like yours and with years of experience dealing with auto repair shops.

Look for Independent Reviews

Perhaps the best way to determine whether an auto repair shop is reliable is by figuring out what their previous customers say about them. You can search the Web for independent reviews, or you can check the Better Business Bureau to see if the shop receives complaints. The BBB has a record of unresolved complaints, indicating poor customer service. Reviews can give you a good idea of who to consider and avoid when choosing a car repair shop.

It pays to be smart when it comes to taking care of your investment. Choosing the right auto repair shop to keep your vehicle roadworthy longer and keep every journey safe. Visit Viva CDJRF for more helpful tips.

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