Fleet Auto Maintenance In Wethersfield For Business Owners

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Auto Repair

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The right fleet auto maintenance in Wethersfield can keep a business owners fleet of cars operational and reduce the amount a business has to spend on costly vehicle repairs. Following some maintenance guidelines will ensure that a business owner doesn’t leave any part of auto maintenance uncovered. Engines must have regular oil changes so that serious problems don’t develop. During an oil change, oil levels can also be checked for. If oil levels are too low, a leak in the system might be present. Trying to constantly replace oil in a system that is leaking could lead to overfilling the engine with oil. Also, the leak could be an indication that an important part of the system is about to fail.

Engines aren’t the only things that business owners should be concerned about when doing their fleet auto maintenance in Wethersfield. Regular brake inspections need to be conducted for the safety of the company’s drivers. Drivers might not know the signs that brakes need to be serviced, so it’s best for business owners to be proactive about brakes. Tires have to be inspected for wear and tear. Rotating the tires can help to extend tire life. Examining tires can let mechanics know about other issues such as alignment and suspension problems.

The car’s other systems have to be serviced too. Transmission fluid needs to be changed according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Some people choose to have their transmissions flushed, but there is a debate as to whether or not that service is completely necessary for all vehicles. Fuel filters should be changed when a car has around 25,000 miles. This can help increase fuel efficiency. Batteries that are over a few years old should be tested every fall to make sure they hold up when the colder weather hits.

Scheduling auto maintenance is easy these days because most quality shops have websites. They also may have “contact us” links that can lead to great coupon code offers. Some people forget that repair shops will offer coupons just like other businesses. When scheduling fleet maintenance, it’s important to do it in phases so that it doesn’t affect business operations. Using off days or service after hours for maintenance can help prevent maintenance from affecting business.

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