Glass Installers in Sugar Land TX Help New Homeowners Upgrade an Old House

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Auto Glass, Glass

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When people move into an older home that hasn’t been upgraded very much, they realize they may need to think about replacing some or even all of the windows. Old windows provide plenty of signs that it’s time to have new ones installed. Glass installers in Sugar Land TX can replace old problematic windows with new energy-efficient models.

Exterior Condensation

Single-pane windows are the least energy-efficient of all. They may indicate this problem with moisture on the glass on warm, humid days. The air conditioning in the house keeps the temperature cool while the outside air is hot, and there is energy transfer through the glass. It’s like a can of cold brew cracked open on a hot day; the outside of the can quickly becomes wet with condensation. Not only does the energy transfer increase utility bills, the moisture perpetually running onto wooden frames can cause mildew and rot.


When standing by windows on a windy day, people shouldn’t be able to feel drafts through the glass or frames. Yet that is a common occurrence when windows have been in place for many decades. This not only forces air conditioning to work harder, it makes the rooms feel uncomfortable near those windows. Glass Installers in Sugar Land TX can provide windows that eliminate drafts and increase everyone’s satisfaction with the house.

Warped Frames

Warped frames can make it impossible to open windows without the risk of breaking the glass through sheer force. Wood frames can eventually become warped due to the high humidity in this region as well as humidity inside the home. That isn’t always just because of weather, but can also be due to the previous residents’ behavior. Taking long, hot showers or boiling water without an exhaust fan lead to excessive humidity inside the structure.

Updated Appearance

New windows also can offer the chance to renovate the home in ways that the new residents prefer. If all the windows have a flat design, including some that extend beyond the exterior wall will make a big difference in the home’s appearance. Bow and bay windows are available from a supplier such as Lone Star Glass. Check out website domain today.

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