How Do Auto Cooled Seats in Spearfish, SD Work?

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Auto Parts Store

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Air conditioning systems are now considered an absolute necessity in new cars. While they’re certainly better than rolling down a window in slow-moving traffic only to be bombarded with exhaust fumes, AC systems still have some drawbacks. They’re energy-intensive, for one thing, and can cause the air inside the car to become uncomfortably dry.

Today’s drivers have a better option. Those who want to take advantage of the latest in technological innovations should look into Auto Cooled Seats in Spearfish SD. Anyone who is hesitant to embrace this novel technological advancement can read on to find out how it works before rushing to the store.

Air Circulation

The standard model for Auto Cooled Seats in Spearfish SD was developed by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The seat features a porous mesh, which allows air to circulate freely, and multiple fans to spread the cooling effect throughout the mesh.

AC Free Cooling

Basic models for cooled seats don’t even use refrigerants. Even without the use of refrigerated air, mesh seats can still keep drivers significantly cooler than their solid counterparts. They prevent the buildup of sweat, which allows the driver’s body to stay cooler while the fans move his or her body heat away.

Air Conditioned Seats

Cooled seats that do feature air conditioning work in much the same way that a whole-car AC system does, following a compression, condensation, expansion cycle. The primary difference is that cooling just the seats requires less energy than cooling the entire car.

Retrofit an Older Car

The majority of today’s cars still don’t come with auto cooled seats, but thankfully, they can be purchased as aftermarket seat cushions and installed in any car. These seat cushions always have built-in fans, and some of them have built-in cooling units that plug into the car’s electrical supply to operate just like its main AC system.

Learn More Today

Anyone who has ever spent half an hour stuck in stop-and-go traffic on a hot summer day will certainly benefit from cooled seat cushions. Want to retrofit an old car that didn’t come with this advanced technology? Check out Website Domain today to find out about options and place an order.

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