How Do Only The Best Get A Jeep Dealership In Chicago?

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Automotive

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A car dealership is a unique business and for many people the challenge of having a Jeep Dealership in Chicago is irresistible. What path does a budding entrepreneur take when the goal is to have a Jeep Dealership in Chicago?

Most dealerships are privately owned and independent and as this is the case there are certain steps that have to be followed in order to get the ball rolling.

The first step, regardless of the state is to get certified. To get certified for a Jeep Dealership in Chicago the owner has to take certain classes before he is allowed to sit the certification examination. Once the certification process has been completed, the real work can commence.

Assuming you already have completed negotiations with the automobile manufacturer, the most important step is finding and securing the right location. A Jeep Dealership in Chicago requires a show room, an office and a lot to display the cars. The land area can be significant depending on the number of vehicles you have agreed to hold in inventory when you bought the franchise and whether you will also be offering used cars as well as new cars at your Jeep Dealership in Chicago. Once a name has been selected for your dealership you may have to build a showroom, office and service facility that meets certain design parameters set by the manufacturer.

Once you have secured the location, have the design details completed and with franchise agreement in hand you will need to work closely with the local authorities to get planning permission and building permits. At this time you may want to start thinking of a web site to attract attention and keep interested parties up to date on your progress when building your Jeep Dealership in Chicago.

Once all approvals have been granted a surety bond and a business license have to be secured. The surety bond will be a minimum of $10,000 and is used to assure that all fees are paid that are associated with the operation.

If you are building a new facility for your Jeep Dealership in Chicago you will no doubt need capital. Capital can be raised via a bank loan which will be used to build the infrastructure, erect signage, fit out the interior with furniture and office equipment and most importantly, agree to an inventory of vehicles.

Once your Jeep Dealership in Chicago is completed and you pass a Department of Motor Vehicles inspection you will be given dealer’s license plates and the special forms required by the state.

These steps are the means to open a new Jeep Dealership in Chicago but before you do all that, you must have the skills and aptitude to be in the new and used car business. Many new dealerships are started by people who have been in the business for some years, perhaps managing a Jeep Dealership in Chicago for another group.

The Jeep Dealership in Chicago that you should set your sights on when you want a new or used Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep is Hawk in Forest Park.

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